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NetSmartz- Stay Safe Online

KidSmartz- Videos, Worksheets & More!

Ways You Can Help

1. Share this page on social media.

2. Have conversations with your children, your friends & family.

3. Watch movies, on human trafficking, with them.

4. Believe people when they say something happened. ANYONE can be a predator.

5. Give. The virus shut down our planned fundraisers, yet our work continues. Help ensure we can continue.

COVID-19 & Human Trafficking

While the current pandemic has closed down many businesses and brought many activities to a halt, unfortunately, human trafficking is still going on. People are still being sold on our streets, in our hotels and predators are still hunting online. With the increased screen time, the dangers evolve & increase as well. Current dangers include:

  • sextortion - There's help. Contact us.
  • predators on social media - Be careful what info you share.
  • predators on apps - Anyone can be anyone online.
  • predators on gaming systems -If it's popular with children, its popular with predators.
  • predators on dating sites - There are predators who target single moms to get to their children. Don't post pictures of your kids.
  • predatory landlords - Asking for sexual favors instead of rent is sex trafficking. Reach out to us if you need help.

Help hasn't been shut down. Escape is still available.

Tips To Stay safe.

For Adults:

  • Don't post pictures of your children on apps or your profiles for gaming, dating or etc.
  • It does no good to have a dating/gaming/etc. safe profile linked with your social media. We are seeing a lot of safe dating profiles that are linked to unsafe social media profiles. For example, if your instagram username is @firstname.lastname33 or etc, we now know your name and can look you up on the internet to find more information about you. 
  • There is always hope and a way out. Don't let someone force you to do something you don't want to. 
  • Your landlord asking for sexual favors, instead of rent, is sex trafficking.
  • If you are a guardian, know who your children are talking to online. Know their usernames, passwords and friends. The feeling of being an "overbearing" parent is a lot better than something happening to your child & knowing you could've stopped it.
  • If you have ANY questions whatsoever, contact us.


  • If you are being hurt, tell someone. If someone is trying to make you do something you feel is wrong or gives you an uneasy feeling, tell an adult. Keep telling adults until someone does something. If you are in public, make a scene: scream, cry, kick, punch, yell and anything else you can think of and call 911 asap.
  • If someone tells you to keep a secret, tell another adult that isn't involved.
  • Love doesn't hurt. There are people who care. Tell an adult. Contact us. Call 911. You are not alone.